Spiritual Divorce – Your Path to Freedom

Is your recent or impending breakup taking over your life?

Learn how to move through your divorce (or breakup) with ease and set yourself up for a powerful new life by studying the teachings of Debbie Ford and Spiritual Divorce(tm) with Leila Reyes, Spiritual Divorce facilitator.


Avoid the top 5 pitfalls that create unnecessary suffering:

  • Creating disempowering stories
  • Taking things personally
  • Blaming and shaming
  • Looking for what’s wrong
  • Acting from anger and hurt

If you’re dealing with the pain from your breakup, learn how to:

  • Recognize and heal the pain in your heart
  • Minimize the emotional impact of your divorce
  • Create more ease in future interactions with your ex
  • Reclaim those parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with
  • Release yourself from anger and resentment

Looking forward to your future, learn how to:

  • Play an active role in the healing process
  • Create a solid foundation for your self and new relationships
  • Step into new levels of self-care, self-love, and self-esteem
  • Create a healthy environment for your children (if you have them)

In line with all of my programs, this interactive study of Spiritual Divorce will provide invaluable information helping you heal your heart, regain your power, and create the life you’ve always wanted.  You will need to purchase Spiritual Divorce, by Debbie Ford.

Topics will include:

  • How to use your divorce as a catalyst for an extraordinary life.
  • The 7 Spiritual Laws of Divorce
  • Asking the “Right” questions

We will meet for 8 sessions from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm pacific via teleconference
*BONUS: 30 minute private coaching session

Week 1 – Introductions and Overview

Week 2 – The Law of Acceptance

Week 3 – The Law of Surrender

Week 4 – The Law of Divine Guidance

Week 5 – The Law of Responsibility

Week 6 – The Law of Choice

Week 7 – The Law of Forgiveness

Week 8 - The Law of Creation

This call is for you if you want to….

  • Create new neural pathways so you can have better relationships in the future, so you’re not repeating what you’ve been through in the past.
  • Heal your heart relieving you of sadness and grief.
  • Emotional completion, so you can open your heart to new love.

These universal laws that Debbie Ford writes about in Spiritual Divorce has helped thousands of people experience new levels of freedom and joy.

It’s for people who are in any stage of the breakup process and even if you want to save your marriage.  No matter what your circumstances, you will move into a more empowered experience of yourself.

Leila Reyes, BA, CICP, ICF ACC is an international teacher and consultant who specializes in relationship and divorce coaching and personal empowerment.  She is a certified Master Integrative Coach who has been personally trained by Debbie Ford, the NY Times best selling author and creator of the world acclaimed Spiritual Divorce process.  Leila has also developed the groundbreaking Reclaim Yourself process.  She teaches skills that increase confidence, self-esteem, joy, and authentic expression and she empowers people to move on with their lives and draw in new possibilities. her powerful work helps people heal their hearts, regain their power, and create the life they’ve always wanted.